Study abroad film festival winner revealed

US trainee Zeke Winitsky has been named the winner of IES Abroad’s eighth yearly Study Abroad Film Festival for his film Coming to Berlin.

Winitsky studied abroad in Berlin with IES Abroad in the summer as part of his program at Penn State University, and developed the movie which aims to link the past to the present through landscape and analyze his own heritage.

“‘Coming to Berlin’ is a film that was experienced as much as it was made,” Winitsky stated.

“Being the descendant of a Holocaust survivor, spending quality time in Germany was made complex. There were moments when I felt a sense of closure and nearly forgiveness, but likewise moments of regret and dispute.

“In making this film, I contemplated my function as a Jew in America and in Europe. I wished to illustrate my inner conflict and bring my individual issue to life,” he added.

“In making this film, I contemplated my function as a Jew in America and in Europe”

IES Abroad rolled out the red carpet on October 12 for their film celebration at VenueSIX10 in downtown Chicago, in support of their needs-based scholarship program.

Prominent directors, editors, producers, and screenwriters from throughout the movie market signed up with IES Abroad alumni and faculty members from IES Abroad’s global centres to evaluate the finalists’ movies.

“The IES Abroad Film Festival offers students a platform to share their authentic, life-changing, global experiences through their own voices,” said Amy Ruhter McMillan, senior associate VP of marketing and founder of the IES Abroad Study Abroad Film Festival.

“This is the very first movie celebration after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, and it is tough to take into words how meaningful that is for us as an organisation and for our trainees. This year’s finalists record the spirit of study abroad and its significance much better than we could have thought of.

“The truth that we get to host our festival face to face again and share the night with our trainee finalists, personnel, schools, alumni, donors, good friends, and household is special,” she included.

In addition to looking for to promote awareness about the powerful effect of study abroad, the festival offered guests the chance to engage with students, alumni, and the regional film and home entertainment communities.

IES Abroad has actually raised nearly $100,000 for need-based scholarships through the IES Abroad Film Festival, and over the past eight years, it has actually gotten 500+ trainee movie submissions recording the different worldwide study abroad and internship programs offered at 160 colleges and universities.

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