Haohao Guo, JNC Study Abroad Platform

Name: Haohao Guo

Occupation: JNC Study Abroad Platform

Place: US

Haohao Guo is the previous CFO for Massachusetts International Academy, the first boarding language school developed just for preparing Chinese international students to attend college in the United States. After an 11-year run and sending out over 2,500 full-time Chinese international students to United States universities, MAIA shuttered its doors as an outcome of the pandemic.

A previous global student himself, Guo was figured out to remain in the field of worldwide education and switched gears to the study abroad market. He is now the senior vice president of Global Affairs for JNC Study Abroad Platform. JNC provides North American college credit courses on a culturally immersive platform to Chinese trainees around the world.

“The courses are mostly for Chinese trainees who are currently going to [university] or who will pursue undergraduate education in North America,” Guo informs The PIE.

“Students take our courses to identify their suitability for full-time study overseas, to frontload some college coursework, or to accelerate their graduation time. And some just come to us for the guided peer network,” Guo shares.

Summer season is the peak season for JNC Study Abroad with a normal enrolment of 6,000 trainees. Guo states this is since Chinese global trainees tend to go back to China in the summer.

“Lack of work chances due to visa limitations and absence of household or psychological support are the main reasons [trainees return to China throughout summer] JNC offers them a platform where they and their peers bond over courses and produce relationships,” he explains.

Faculty at JNC partner organizations teach the classes on the JNC platform. “This design allows our courses to be more genuine and more transferrable,” Guo shares. “Meanwhile it allows us to focus our effort on developing an eco-system for Chinese global trainees around the world, he includes.

JNC enrolments have actually been consistently growing by about 30% yearly. Guo thinks the secret to this success is trifold.

“Parents like to see their children in classrooms, especially with opportunities to see the professors in action”

“We have the ideal item of a combination naturally credits and career networking. There is appreciation by moms and dads.

“Parents enjoy to see their children in class, specifically with chances to see the professors in action. And we have high trainee retainment.”

He asserts the significance of networking for Chinese students overseas, and says trainees are encouraged to get the word out about the impact of the JNC program.

Guo states JNC is always thinking about expanding its product lines by partnering with brand-new college organizations worldwide. He keeps in mind that this is a chance for jobs for faculty, income sharing, and possible enrolments due to students moving in and becoming full-time. JNC also provides college-prep courses for high school senior citizens.

“While individuals are waiting on China to resume and Chinese trainees to travel again, the foundation is prepared for foreign education to get in China,” mentions Guo.

“JNC is one example where we bring North American credit courses into China. Other chances such as online degrees and certificate programs for young specialists remain a huge potential.

“There are around 10 million college graduates each year in China with a 3rd entering into the job market and a 3rd going to graduate programs in China. So another third is up for grab by foreign organizations.”

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