The CEO of the UK Cyber Security Council has signed up with Aston University as a going to professor. Simon Hepburn, a 25-year veteran of the charity, education and professions sectors, will sign up with the University’s College of Business and Social Sciences. The position identifies a person’s contribution to market throughout their career, and to help the University through assistance, employment support and increased representation. Having formerly been president of a charity and a creator of 2 others, Simon will work with Aston University to broaden access and views of the university, as well as market understanding. Simon will continue to function as a role model for students and the broader community who have an interest in cyber security and has actually been appointed to influence the next generation of cyber professionals. Professor Hepburn stated:” I am happy to be joining Aston University as a checking out teacher.”The variety of courses currently on offer at

the University – and the quality of cyber professionals the University produces –

are important to keep individuals and companies safe in a progressively – digital world.” I wish to work carefully along with the university, its trainees and alumni, helping to open opportunities in the sector and setting prospects on the

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“This well-deserved award acknowledges the distinguished contribution that Professor Hepburn has actually made and continues to make to cyber security.

“We are fortunate to have somebody of Simon’s pedigree join our faculty.

“He will provide important stimulus and suggestions for our students and staff alike.

Simon Hepburn will be officially revealed by the University at a UK Cyber Security Council occasion on 10 October, before speaking at the body’s Ethnic Minorities in Cyber Symposium the next day

Anitha Chinnaswamy is among the guiding group members of the EMiC network and has actually been associated with a number of efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in the cybersecurity sector.

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