Emerging markets are having a notable impact on the UK’s international student population, according to

a brand-new report from ApplyBoard. Research from the Higher Education Statistics Agency(HESA), exposes the variety of people studying in the UK from overseas increased by more than a third(34%) from 2016/2017 to 2020/21, showing simply how desirable the UK is as a study abroad destination. Of the international students selecting to study in the UK, China and India remain the most dominant markets, nevertheless there is strong development from nations such as Nigeria, Pakistan and the US. In reality, for several years, trainees from China have actually represented the highest percentage of global students studying in the UK. However, current federal government information has exposed India has actually overtaken China as

the top native land approved sponsored research study visas for the UK in the year ending June 2022.”It’s interesting to see a shift when it comes to the country having the greatest impact on the UK’s worldwide trainee scene. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that China and India are house to the biggest populations all over the world, implying they will constantly have a huge impact on the worldwide trainee market. With this in mind, it’s crucial that UK organizations aren’t over reliant on one or two nations, so the information in our new report paints a promising photo when it pertains to emerging markets,” remarks Meti Basiri, co-founder and CMO of ApplyBoard. There are other emerging markets which have a considerable influence on the UK’s worldwide trainee population. The variety of Pakistani nationals granted sponsored UK research study visas grew by 377%in the year ending June 2022, versus fiscal year 2019. This means Pakistan is now the UK’s fourth-largest market for sponsored research study visas granted, having grown from simply over 4,900 trainees in 2019 to practically 23,500 in the year ending June 2022. It’s a comparable story for Nigerian students– there were just under 8,400 Nigerian students approved sponsored research study visas in 2019, and this number grew by 686%, to over 65,900 students, in the year ending June 2022. The leading 5 non-EU nationalities given sponsored study visas, year ending June 2022 were:

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  1. India China
  2. Nigeria
  3. Pakistan
  4. United States

The leading 5 EU nationalities granted sponsored study visas, year ending June 2022 were:

  1. France
  2. Germany
  3. Spain
  4. Italy
  5. Greece

“It’s motivating to see development in these countries as diversification is important to future proof the UK’s worldwide research study sector,” adds Meti.

New research study performed amongst ApplyBoard’s recruitment partners exposes they think the UK is the most open and welcoming to worldwide students, with nearly all (92%) saying this holds true.

Even more to this, when asked whether the nation is safe and stable for international students, recruitment partners positioned the UK third (87%) behind Canada (98%) and Australia (90%). What’s more, over three quarters (77%) think the way the UK dealt with the pandemic has actually made the country a more attractive research study destination.

When it concerns what is very important to those checking out study chances overseas, ApplyBoard’s recruitment partners think post-study work chances in the location is the most crucial aspect.

Three crucial elements when selecting where to study

  1. Post-study work opportunities (90%)
  2. Cost of studying in the nation (90%)
  3. Visa processing times/approval rates (86%)

“A trainee population which is comprised of learners from all over the world, helps include new perspectives to the class and creates a more powerful learning environment for all. It’s likewise valuable for the UK to continue to attract and prioritise emerging trainee populations in order to attract top talent and quality trainees from around the globe. This will also help to support the UK’s economy and labour market,” adds Meti.

To find out more about the new analysis from ApplyBoard, evaluate the full ‘How Can Diversifying the UK’s International Student Community Future Proof Learning for All?’ report here.

UK Universities should anticipate development from emerging trainee populations was released on FE News by ApplyBoard