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    us cowboy industrialism at its extremely worst, says TUC– six months after mass sacking of seafarers POLLING: Stronger workers’rights overwhelmingly popular– consisting of with Conservative citizens The TUC has today(Saturday)cautioned the government that another P&O style scandal is on the cards, unless ministers provide stronger protections for workers. The warning comes as today marks the six month anniversary of the P&O scandal, which saw 800 seafarers unlawfully sacked without notification and assessment. The mass sacking is extensively considered as a nadir for the treatment of employees recently. In spite of prevalent outrage at P&O, company bosses escaped criminal proceedings and P&O owner DP World posted record half-year earnings. Talking about the 6 month anniversary of the P&O scandal today(Saturday), TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:”Everyone should have respect and self-respect at work.

    “But there are a lot of bad employers in this country who treat their personnel appallingly– and get away with it since of our lax labour laws.”The P&O scandal showed us cowboy capitalism at its very worst. “Eight hundred dedicated seafarers were unlawfully sacked without notice or assessment– over video call– and replaced with company employees on less than the base pay.”But in spite of acting like corporate gangsters, P&O has been enabled to get away scot-free– and its owner has even

    signed up eye-watering earnings on the back of the mass sacking.< img src= "https://www.fenews.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/FE-GIF.gif"

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    • more powerful workers’rights The caution follows current TUC polling by GQR showed big assistance for increasing workers’rights. Citizens of all parties throughout the political spectrum support stronger employees’ rights, according to the polling. The overwhelming bulk of the public– including a bulk of those who say they will vote Conservative at the next election– wish to see rights in the office reinforced: Eight in 10(79%)assistance securing and enhancing all
    • workers’ rights which have actually been retained considering that we left the EU such as vacation pay, safe limits on working time and – rest breaks– and 81 %of Conservative citizens 3 in 4(74%)assistance ending’fire and rehire ‘– the practice where employers threaten to sack employees unless they accept new contracts with even worse terms and conditions– rising to 77% amongst Conservative citizens
    • 3 in four (76%) assistance enhancing employees’ rights in the gig economy – – increasing to 78% of Conservative citizens
    • 7 in 10 (68%) support banning no hours contracts– 66% of Conservative voters
    • More than 3 in 4 (77%) support the intro of ‘fair pay contracts’ across entire sectors to introduce minimum pay and rights floors in markets– 78% of Conservative citizens.

    Enhancing employees’ rights is also extremely popular throughout any age groups, however is most popular among the over 55s.

    TUC basic secretary Frances O’Grady recently alerted Liz Truss “do not be the P&O prime minister, do not touch our hard-won rights” – – as reports emerged that she was thinking about ripping up EU-derived employees’ rights.

    These rights consist of holiday pay, rest breaks, safe limitations on working time and equal spend for women and guys.

    Without more powerful protections for employees, another P&O style scandal is “on the cards” was published on FE News by Trades Union Congress (TUC)