Flywire’s integrated offering with Universitas XXI offers trainees a structured payment experience,

from preliminary application through to tuition Partnership aligns with Flywire’s dedication to continue expansion in Spain and Latin America Today(September 14), Flywire Corporation, a worldwide payments enablement and software business, is revealing the accessibility of its integration with Universitas XXI, a university management system focused on servicing college consumers throughout Spain and Latin America. Universitas XXI will extend Flywire’s digital education payments platform into its trainee details system, making it possible for a seamless payment experience for students and administrators, and supporting both international and domestic payment flows. Flywire incorporates straight into the Universitas XXI software application, helping universities to instantly power every transaction, ranging from initial application costs, all the way through to tuition payments. Within the familiar Universitas XXI software, trainees and households can easily track and pay in native currencies, and university accounting experts will be able to see and access all payment information within their system of record. Flywire plugs directly into the Universitas XXI platform, assisting universities to streamline upgrades and to guarantee complex compliance standards, in addition to tax considerations, are always as much as date. Both Spain and Latin America continue to be a popular scholastic destination for global students. Boasting 76 universities, Spain is the leading choice for trainees taking part in the EU’s Erasmus+ study abroad program, and due to the Spanish federal government’s proposition to alleviate the visa requirement procedure for students and recent graduates, the country is committed to bring in extra international students. Also, Latin American & universities are strengthening their strategies to hire more incoming international trainees. The most recent research study from UNESCO recommends that Latin American nations are getting almost as many trainees as they are sending out students abroad. #local- grid-41835 list-style: none; margin:0; padding:0; overflow: concealed; #local-grid-41835 > li float: left; width:48%; min-width:250 px; list-style: none; margin:0 3%3% 0;; padding:0; overflow: concealed; #local-grid-41835 > li.last margin-right:0; #local-grid-41835 > li.last + li @media only screen and(max-width:290 px)div>

li As the need for higher education experiences in Spain and Latin America increases, there is installing pressure on universities to provide a structured payment experience for trainees and families. According to a Flywire report of trainees in Spain and Latin America, students studying in Spain would like to see more versatile, simpler, and more budget-friendly payment choices. Of those surveyed in Flywire’s report, 86% think that the ability to pay their tuition digitally, in their local currency, and/or by means of their preferred payment method, would improve their higher education experience and decrease the tension included. In addition, 80% of students in both Mexico and Peru think paying for their tuition in installations would make their education more budget-friendly.

For universities in Spain and Latin America, it can still be challenging to handle trainee payments originating from different nations and in various currencies. Finance teams would need to handle domestic and global payments in different systems, and fixing up global payments usually requires a lot of manual effort for university personnel and can make complex student registration. This all develops intricacy and friction for both students and university staff, which is exactly what the combination between Flywire and Universitas XXI resolves.

For trainees and families, the integrated solution provides a highly-tailored, hassle-free and safe digital payment experience, which can be tailored by university, nation, and currency. For institutions, they can consolidate the several payment choices they provide, which speeds up funds flow, alleviates reconciliation and simplifies operational efficiencies. Furthermore, organizations can create customized payment prepares to offer students and families with greater flexibility. Fringe benefits of the incorporated solution between Flywire and Universitas XXI for organizations include minimized inbound contact volume, sped up processing around trainee visas, and significantly minimized merchant processing costs thanks to more payment alternatives.

“As Flywire continues our development in Spain and Latin America, we’re thrilled to partner with Universitas XXI, who bring meaningful relationships with trustworthy universities and comprehensive understanding of the Spanish and Latin American markets,” said Sharon Butler, EVP of Education at Flywire. “Through our effective, seamless combination, we have the ability to provide remarkable payment experiences for students and organizations alike– and we’re dedicated to developing on this structure as the collaboration continues.”

“Our integration with Flywire allows us to raise our offerings and supply even greater worth to our consumers,” said Manuel Rivera, Director of Communication and Marketing at Universitas XXI. “We eagerly anticipate our continued partnership to better serve the Spanish and Latin American markets.”

Flywire Partners with Universitas XXI to Deliver Integrated Payment Solution to Higher Education Institutions in Spain and Latin America was released on FE News by Flywire