You’ve heard about the discount airline Ryanair that offers fares as low as 15 euros each way. Below are 7 ways to best take advantage of the airline.

  1. Book Early especially for popular destinations such as Paris and London.
  2. Fly at Unpopular times. Don’t be afraid to book that 5am flight.
  3. Realize that you could be flying to an airport outside of the city. Plan for an extra 10-14 euro cost for transportation into the city.
  4. Print your boarding pass ahead of time to avoid a fee.
  5. Don’t check a bag.
  6. Be strategic with seating. Join the line where you know you won’t get stuck in the back of the plane.
  7. Don’t be surprised if the flight attendants sell smokeless cigarettes, lottery tickets, and even encourage you to use your cell phone on the flight!