By: Heddi Cundle

Happy Thursday! Tomorrow’s Friday which means the weekend is getting closer. If you notice, this pattern happens every Thursday…amazing!

Did you know 300k Americans study abroad each year? You’re all flying to Hong Kong, London, Rio, Madrid and more. Quick question: have you thought about the travel costs? Parents & students – this blog post is dedicated to you:

This is where myTab comes to the rescue. With our travel gift registry – you’re 5 easy steps away from boarding that flight:

1: Create a free account & import your Facebook friends in (

2: Go to and shout out on your Facebook wall ‘Hey, heading to Barcelona for my study abroad program. Please help me get there & put it on myTab for my flight’ or ‘Need travel cash for my study abroad in London. Birthday’s coming up so instead of gifts, can you just put it on myTab. Cheerio!’

3: Go to and create your vanity url i.e. and then email all non Facebook friends so they can also gift you direct to your account.

4: Save travel cash, if you can, on myTab also and set up your travel destination on

5: Either book travel on myTab (powered by Expedia) or let us ‘Match myCash’ – where you don’t lift a finger because we email you flights that match your destination to amount in your myTab account. Then just thank all friends who helped chip in for your flight and say “Adios!”…unless you’re going to Israel, in which case you’d say ‘Shalom.’ Well, when in Rome…or Tel Aviv…!