Posted by  on August 1, 2011 in Travel Tips2 comments

Listing your study abroad experience on your resume can definitely enhance your employment prospects. Studying abroad shows employers you are adaptable and can succeed in new environments. Plus, in a global economy, the economic, geographic, cultural, or lingual knowledge you acquire from studying abroad can only help push you above the competition.

In 80% of my job interviews, I was asked about my study abroad experience. My interviewers seemed impressed and genuinely interested in hearing about my semester. Since I enjoy talking about abroad, it also took some of the pressure off the interview and showed them my enthusiasm and personality.

Just make sure when talking about your experience you frame it in ways that will make you a more competitive candidate. Maybe skip the pub crawling and binge eating stories and talk about what you learned from traveling, living independently, adapting to a new culture, or learning a new language.

In this job market, we need all the help we can get! Good luck!!