Posted by  on July 23, 2011 in Money & TechnologyTravel Tips1 comment

  1. Ask locals where to find the best deals. They will probably tell you to avoid the expensive touristy restaurants and direct you to places with better quality and prices.
  2. Avoid huge cell phone bills! Research data plans and use Skype and other iPhone apps.
  3. Purchase things in the native language if you know it and haggle in the markets.
  4. Do your research. Would it be cheaper to stay in an apartment than a hostel? Does it make sense to book the budget airline if you have to fly to an airport outside the city? 
  5. Check for promotional codes before you book a flight or hostel online.
  6. Book your flights in advance for popular destinations.
  7. Choose the less expensive route. Walk instead of taking the bus or cook at home instead of going out to eat every night.
  8. Make time to get the tax back on any major purchases like jewelry before you leave. You can do this at the airport.
  9. Don’t use exchange shops to exchange currency.
  10. And lastly, bring your student I.D. everywhere to get discounts!