1. The Girl Who Won’t Stop Skyping Her Boyfriend

This debbie downer can put a serious damper on your fun time, especially if she is your roommate. Get used to their late night conversations, baby talk, and a little whining.

Try to be supportive and always invite her out to dinner with the group. You can do your own thing later.

2. The Girl Who Won’t Stop Skyping Her Mom

This Mother/Daughter pair have yet to cut the umbilical cord and it can get really annoying having Mom meddling in all of your affairs.

Do you need someone to put the 200 euro deposit for the hostel on their credit card? Mom is all over that.

3. The Classics Major

Miss I-love-the-arts appreciates the history of the city on a different level than the rest of the group.

She is the perfect person to take to the museum. You don’t need to wear those goofy headphones or bother with a booklet when you have her as your own personal guide.

4. The Student Promoter

This cocky guy loves telling you how a club manager approached him the first few weeks of school and practically begged him to take the position. He claims he can get you into the hottest clubs and can get you a table and alcohol for free.

Exchange numbers for sweet perks.

5. The Hot Mess

Sunglasses, messy hair, sloppy clothes, and a cappuccino are her go-to look. You’ll see her struggling to get through class, passed out in the airport, or telling anyone who will listen how hungover she is. Guy version: Drunk Frat Mess

Down to go out any night of the week, this guy/girl is a guaranteed good time if you want to rage.

6. The Bella Americana

This party girl loves the club scene and will tell you all about her wild trysts with foreign men. You’ll see her on her phone texting her 14 foreign boyfriends.

If you feel like trying out the local guy scene she’s the perfect partner-in-crime. If her stories freak you out, she’s entertainment during lunch on campus.

7. The Know-It-All

She impressed you all the first night by ordering appetizers for the table in the native language. Whether it was living abroad or a family vacation, “some past experience” qualifies her to take on the role as the expert of the group.  She annoyingly pretends she knows everything and wants to teach you all.

She can be a great resource in the beginning to learn proper etiquette, local customs, and your way around the city.

8. The Program Cutie

With his charm and All-American good looks, the Program Cutie uses the 1:12 male to female ratio to his advantage. You’ll see him leading a heard of giggling girls through Florence yelling “Ciao Bella!”

If you’re feeling him go for it, but realize that he might see this semester as his playtime and you as part of it.

9. The Intense Traveler/ Rick Steve’s #1 Fan

You agree to go on a weekend trip with her without realizing that it will be the trip from hell. She’ll wake you up at 6am to make sure you hit every single spot in her travel guide before sun down.

You will be grateful later that you got to explore so much of the city but next time choose a traveling partner who better fits your traveling style.

10. Miss BFFs With the Locals

Miss BFF will be game to exploring the city with everyone at the beginning of the program but soon she’ll go MIA. When you finally run into her, she’ll tell you with an air of arrogance how she no longer frequents the “American” bars. She’s “over that scene” now that she’s in with the cool local crowd.

Before you jump to the defense of your favorite pub, realize that you could be missing out on interaction with locals. Show some interest and maybe she’ll invite you along next time.