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If you’re going abroad next semester you’re probably asking yourself “What should I pack?” You may be wondering if you should pack your hair dryer/hair straightener/hair curler/etc. The answer is NO. Most likely, your hair styling tools and appliances will not work or will break if you try to use them abroad. For those of you obsessed with super straight, shiny hair, you may be in a panic. “What will I do for 6 months without my hair straightener?” Do not worry! Unless you are going to a really remote deserted island, which some of you might be, you will be able to purchase all of the hair tools and appliances you need! If you have friends who studied abroad the previous semester, they may even be able to give you their appliances since it is likely they won’t need them anymore.

You’re probably also wondering what will you do about getting a haircut on study abroad. 6 months or a year is a long time to forego a haircut. If you get upset if the hairdresser cuts off more than an inch, this could seem really scary, but for many people, getting a haircut on study abroad is a fun experience. I know guy friends who got Euro-haircuts and rocked them the rest of the trip. If your not feeling as adventurous, consider asking a professor to recommend a place. Another friend needed her blonde highlights touched up and ended up getting great advice from a professor. If you are worried about the language barrier, have a friend with more advanced language skills come with you, or look up any keywords on google translate before.

Lastly, getting a haircut on study abroad is a huge opportunity for change. Just like how students are inspired to get piercings and tattoos on study abroad, many students change up their hair. Check out reader Audrey’s new look that she got while studying abroad in Montpellier in the south of France. Super cute!

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