So if you are studying in Europe, your travels will usually have a layover in either London Gatwick or Heathrow Airport. While it has world reclaim for being a confusing airport to get around, I had no problems getting terminal to terminal thanks to free rail service between terminals (they don’t run from midnight to 5am though!)

Another great feature that both Gatwick and Heathrow have is something called a Yotel. I needed somewhere to stay because my layover was about ten hours long. I knew that after getting through border check and finding my way through the airport that would leave me with about eight hours. I landed at night as well so booking a hostel and travelling to London would have been foolish (London is about a thirty minute taxi ride from Heathrow). I ended up researching up hostels in the Heathrow area and came across a Yotel, located in the airport!

Yotel, to me, was a hybrid between a hotel and a hostel. It was an individual bedroom with an elevated capsule-style bed (compare it to a train sleep cabin). Inside of the capsule was a TV at the foot of the bed, which was awesome because it had Family Guy! To the opposite end of the room was a joint monsoon shower and toilet, separated from the room by a glass sliding door and curtain. Let me reiterate the individual emphasis on the bedroom. In total, it’s only about twelve feet by eight feet in area.

Yotel also had twenty-four hour room service with a decent menu. Me, being the picky eater that I was, had a Chicago-style pizza for my first meal in Europe, along with a glass of Merlot (gotta be classy!). The TV that was in the room not only showed TV shows but also had radio stations from Europe and the US, and was equipped with TV Internet as well! The best part of the Yotel was that you don’t pay a nightly rate; you pay per hour! At Heathrow, it was 8 pounds per hour. To me, this served me much better than having to pay for travel to London then for a night hostel for a five hour bed.I cannot say more great things about Yotel. They are currently located in both London airports, at Amsterdam’s airport (I’m writing this without internet and can’t look up the name!), and they recently opened one five blocks from Times Square in New York City! Check them out at to get an idea of what they have to offer!