First off I love Australian’s. They’re super nice and friendly and wonderfully quirky. However after spending a semester down under there are still a few things which I will never quite understand. Such as:

They Seem To Believe That There Are 52 States in the US

I’m going to assume this is something they learned in school because legitimately every time this came up every Australian said there were 52 states in the US. What? Last time I checked there were 50 states. But then again Rick Perry has been my governor for the past 11 years and who knows what he’s changed in our education system…

It’s Socially Acceptable For Guys to Drink Smirnoff Ice

While I only saw this a few times in Sydney, I saw this a ton in the Gold Coast/Surfers Paradise region. I would see some of the bro-iest, most macho looking guys in the club standing on the dance floor with their Smirnoff Ices.

People See Wearing Shoes as Optional in Some Places

Again I only saw this once or twice at my university in Sydney (and the giant mall next door), I saw this more up in Queensland. I would see people walking around downtown with no shoes on and it seemed perfectly acceptable and normal. My feet ache just at the thought of walking around a downtown area with no shoes on!

There are Less Trash Bins in the Streets Yet the Cities are So Much Cleaner

I guess people just litter less and respect their surroundings more. But I was still baffled how the cities stayed so much cleaner than most cities in the US yet there were so fewer trash bins in the cities.

They Really, Really Like McDonalds

Back home if I say Mcdonalds most of my friends will respond with something along the lines of “ew, why would you eat there?”. However in Australia I would probably be joined by at least four other people for a Mcdonalds run. Maybe its because its one of the few places open 24/7 and truthfully Mcdonalds tend to be classier in other countries. Despite this and the fact that their motto is “Not fancy, jsut a bit schmancy”, Mcdonalds is still Mcdonalds no matter what country you are in.

Aussie Girls and Their High Waisted Shorts

For some reason the trend is for girls to wear super high waisted shorts with a belt just about below their boobs. Often times these shorts are pulled up so high they aren’t really covering everything. I was flashed quite a few times thanks to the trend. Not something I quite wanted to see. Ever.

They Have Weird Designated Nights For Going Out.

Where I come from, Thursday is a big night for people to go out. That makes sense considering the fact that I live in a college town and most students don’t have class Friday. However when I was in Hobart, Tasmania the big night out was Wednesday. We thought maybe it was just students on break going out, but the next night the streets were empty. Wednesday was a big night at the bar by my university as well. Everybody was there Wednesday, but not any other nights. In Adelaide according to my friend people went out Friday, but not Saturday. When I visited my friend in Melbourne, the big student night out was on Monday. What an odd schedule.