I arrived in Keystone, Colorado last night for TBEX, the #1 travel blogging conference in the world. TBEX brings together around 800 travel bloggers and industry professionals who all share a common passion for travel. We attend lectures on blogging, social media, search engine optimization all while networking with other people who are in the industry. TBEX also has guest speakers who travel full time and fund all of their travels through their blogs. I cannot wait to here how travel can be a job. Sign me up.  Check out the TBEX schedule for more information on the conference and speakers.

Day 1 was the welcome reception at Keystone Resort, where the conference is held. Isn’t the resort beautiful? We road up the mountain on gondolas in the pitch black night to the reception at the top. The stars were out and it was breathtaking. When I arrived at the summit, naturally, I went straight to the dessert tent. Keystone had arranged a chocolate display that was out of this world. By far, the best desserts I have ever had.

I cannot wait for the lectures today and to meet with other people who love travel. I bet I’ll meet quite a few former study abroad students!