Since everyone is either leaving soon or just got to their host country, I thought it would be nice to have a post on study abroad advice from former study abroad students. I asked my friends what their best advice would be and here are the best responses I got!

-Travel the country; learn the history, culture, and language; meet the locals and talk politics; meet other students studying abroad; be safe. –Karen K.- Israel

-Dont drink your money away. –Thomas P.- Spain

-Bring your own Dr. Pepper.- Mike Y- Sevilla, Spain

-Bring less than you think, but more warm clothes if you’re going half way across the world. 3-4 seasons in one day does happen.

-Camera and a travel journal are both key, since they help keep track of all the wonderful things you are doing

-Go out and do things, make the most of it because when its over you’re done and it blows. (Seriously I cannot stress how true this last part is!). –Natalie S.- Manchester,UK and Melbourne, Australia

-Drop bears aren’t real and only buy goon to save money. –Brad J.- Sydney, Australia

-Make sure you order currency as early as possible and make sure you get the best exchange rate possible, aaand eat locally! You can always eat burger king and subway when you get back to the U.S. of A.

-Ask everyone questions. And ignore creepers who whistle and yell at you in the street. –Becky E.- Costa Rica

-Warn your liver of what you’re about to put it through. But seriously… make a budget before you go and make sure it has some flexibility. But know your limits. Heather F.- Spain

-When you travel, be prepared for the unexpected. Double check when your flight/train/bus is leaving, have an idea of what you are going to see but also go with the flow. Look ahead of time for travel arrangements, if you are smart you can cut your transportation in half when you are smart and look for deals instead of just settling with the price. –Marie C.- New Zealand

-Figure out how the trains/buses work before you leave. Always have an alternate route to get where you’re going. –Lauren N- Japan, England, France, and Romania

As for my advice? Obviously try new things, don’t hold back, yadda yadda yadda. But people give you that schpiel a million times because it’s true!  Also especially if you’re flying budget airlines make sure you’re going to the airport that’s actually near your city. Many times it will say it goes to whatever major city, but is actually way farther than other airports therefore costing you precious money and time. Always double check!

Do you have any other advice? Leave it in the comments here!