I’m mostly kidding but its kind of true.. you may experience one or more of these changes after study abroad.

Then: You hated beer and would only drink mixed drinks.

Now: You love beer and wine. No, you LOVE beer and wine.

Then: You were skinny.

Now: You are not.

Then: Your best college story was the time that you had that ridiculous night on campus.

Now: Your best college story is the time that you were in Paris, Madrid, Greek Islands, Ibiza, Beijing, (Insert amazing place here), and you had the greatest time ever!

Then: Your dorm room was covered in pictures from your hometown. You still had a prom pic up.

Now: Your dorm room is covered in pictures from study abroad. Your friends who didn’t go abroad are pissed that they are not in any of them.

Then: You used to think a vacation was going to the next state over.

Now: You have international taste and have caught the travel bug. It’s International or bust!

Then: You had money.

Now: You don’t.

Then: You had only dated/hooked up with people from your home country.

Now: You’re pimpin all over the world.

Then: You liked to talk about your school, family, sports, pets, friends..

Now: You like to talk about study abroad. Every conversation somehow circles back to “but when I was abroad..”

Then: You hated getting lost.

Now: You’ve been lost in multiple foreign countries where you don’t speak the language. Getting lost in your home country is nothing.

Then: You heard from older friends that study abroad was amazing because of the travel, partying, easy classes etc.

Now: You know that what you have experienced is MUCH deeper than those superficial things but its hard to articulate that to someone who hasn’t experienced it yet.

Then: You used to facebook stalk that cutie from math class.

Now: You facebook stalk yourself because your life was so awesome when you were abroad.