Well, let’s face it. Europe has a whole different dress code than the U.S. I like going to class in my college sweatshirt and jeans just as much as the next kid-okay,okay, sweatshirt AND sweatpants many days- but that look just doesn’t fly in Europe. You’ll stick out like a fish out of water AKA an American. Here are some looks to avoid if you truly want to blend in.

-Northface anything


-Vera Bradley (but I love it!)


-athletic clothing (this includes yoga pants too ladies!)


-flip flops

-baseball caps

-shorts (you will see Americans wearing shorts when everyone else is wearing pants!)

-messy hair/wet hair

-bulky clothing

-casual dress for a night out (You need to go all out if you expect to get into the best clubs in some places.)

Stick to tighter fitting clothing, eliminate the sportswear,  dress 50% better than you would in college and you’ll be all set!