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How To Download Rosetta Stone for Free for Mac Users

  1. Google ‘transmission’ or ‘utorrent’ and download one of them.
  2. Google ‘rosetta stone version 3 torrent’ and download it from a popular torrent site. Look at the seeds to leeches count on the file. You want a high number of seeds and a low number of leeches so downloading goes faster. Also read the comments so you know the download is legit.
  3. Search YouTube for a video that teaches you how to copy the Rosetta Stone crack file for the torrent. You need it to use the software without an activation code.
  4. Search Google for the torrent of the specific language you want. Again check seeds to leeches ratio and the comments. Make sure you are downloading the language pack for the version you have. Be prepared for the download to take forever.
  5. Note: If one of the files you downloaded is in .rar form then you need to google ‘unrarx,’ download it, and then use on that file. You should end up with a .iso file.
  6. If you already had a .iso file or you just made one, then you need to mount the file. In the mac finder window go to disk utilities under utilities. Mount the .iso file.
  7. Open the Rosetta Stone application and add your language.