In How Study Abroad Can Get You A Job, I discussed how study abroad can give you a huge advantage in the job market. Not only does having study abroad on your resume make for a more comfortable job interview (who wouldn’t want to talk about their study abroad experience?!) but it also demonstrates maturity, intellectual curiosity, understanding of globalization, tolerance, etc.

I want to expand upon that further and let you know that there are more ways that study abroad can better your job chances. It involves a little bit of work but the pay off is HUGE.  If you’re interested in marketing, digital media, social media, internet start-ups, business, communications, journalism, PR, International Relations, Politics, or pretty much any subject, than you can greatly benefit from writing down your study abroad experiences in a blog.

In 2011, I chose to create a study abroad blog and share my stories, travel tips, and study abroad adventures with the world. My experience blogging helped me gain valuable digital and social media skills which ultimately led to my hiring at the United States Olympic Committee (Go Team USA!) for an internship. Now I’ve landed my dream job helping to grow my favorite sport for a National Governing Body of the Olympic Committee (No, i don’t get to go to London and yes, I’m bummed about it). Also due to my blogging,  I was hired as Chief Creative Officer for the internet startup Students Gone Global. We’re hoping to encourage more students to study abroad and get bought out by Expedia some day (hehe I can dream).

Bottomline: We’re living in a global and digital world and employers really value employees who have global and digital experience. Consider starting your own study abroad blog and recording your adventures/perspectives. You never know where it will take you!