Highlights from CNN’s Blog:

“A study-abroad program, whether it’s a short term or a long-term program, is CRITICAL, particularly in the ever-globalizing world that we live in.It’s not just about being worldly, it’s about being competitive. I don’t think we can continue to be competitive if we’re not getting out there.”Aka China and India  is sending students overseas, we should too!

“Just 1% of American students enrolled in higher education at home make the choice to study abroad. Just 4% of Americans aged 18 to 24 even have a passport, according to the State Department.” Wait, only 1%? What is the other 99% doing?! #missingout #bigtime

“For our geopolitical reality we need to be thinking about studying abroad all over the world, not just in Western Europe.” Very true. The countries outside of the Top 25 Study Abroad Destinations need love too!