I bet you can hear the romantic music now, having a Lady and the Tramp moment sharing a plate of spaghetti with the beau you found while abroad. I think that one thing that all single study abroad students have in common is that we want a taste of the locals (that’s what she said). Before you whisk yourself off to your abroad destination and hit the clubs to find the person of your dreams, you should do a little research on what the dating scene is like where you’re going

Shockingly enough, the US is very structured when it comes to dating. We usually get hooked up with someone thanks to a friend (and more and more, that friend’s name is “Internet”) and go on a date. The waters are tested and you either send that person out to pasture or you hit them up for another chance to see them.

I am going to England and while doing research, I found out that Europeans are much more relaxed when it comes to dating. In the US, you have the get-hooked-up method. In England, it’s the get drunk and have sex method. Seriously! The way that a lot of Europeans find one another is after a drunken night out. People go to pubs or clubs with their friends, they find a catch and make a connection, head back to their flat and have a good time. After that, they hit each other up for a drink to see if they have anything in common.

Another thing to look up is PDA and how it’s viewed in your country. In the US, shockingly enough, we are conservative compared to our friends over in Europe and Australia. There, it’s like you’re looked down on if you aren’t doing PDA. In contrast, if you are going over to an African or Asian destination, some countries don’t even let you mingle with the opposite sex, let alone have any physical contact.

Don’t make yourself out to be a fool when it comes to dating when abroad. Learn your stuff! You’re a foreign good and no matter where you go, the locals love to try foreign things! Know your stuff and you’ll be a hot commodity.