It’s college. This topic had to come up. I’m sure many of you are wondering what kind of romancing occurs on study abroad. Well, I’m going to break it down for you into five basic types of study abroad lovin.

1.       Long Distance Relationships

The person in the long distance relationship will definitely have some obstacles to overcome on study abroad. The constant skyping with their beau, the depression of separation, and the fact they might have different wants when going out with their peers can create some problems. That is why I listed them as #1 on my list of 10 Types of People You’ll Meet In Your Study Abroad Program And How To Deal With Them. As much as it can be great to have someone to constantly text and share your experiences with, this type of relationship can be difficult to maintain on study abroad. You might feel like you’re not 100% into the experience and let’s face it- a passionate night on Skype just doesn’t compare to the real thing. If you’re thinking about going abroad with a bf or gf back home, you might want to talk to a few people who went through the same thing and get their advice.

2.       In-Program Relationships

How great would it be to fall in love while traveling around the world with someone? The experience of studying abroad can bring people closer and make sparks fly. (Have you ever seen The Bachelorette?) Within the study abroad bubble there are plenty of opportunities for relationships-that is if people take them. But will the relationship last when you’re back at your home schools and the adventure is over? That is the question.

3.       In-Program Hookups

Since relationships seem to be no longer in fashion, in-program hookups are more popular than relationships. Depending on the guy to girl ratio in your program, this could work out favorably for you. Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, study abroad can make people go wild in all ways and hooking up goes along with that.

4.       International Hookups

The night that you made out with a member of the Serbian men’s basketball team or the time you spit some game at the beautiful Czech girl in the discoteca can make for some excellent stories to bring home to your friends. Study abroad is a time to experience new things and new people. Just be safe and don’t do anything stupid or that you’ll regret.

5.       International Relationships

Sometimes that random run in with a local cutie actually turns into a date and then into a relationship. People do date locals on study abroad and have a range of experiences. On the positive side, you get to experience a new culture more deeply than you would as just a visitor and your language skills will probably increase tenfold. On the negative side, you have an inevitable end date to your relationship which can be a tough thing if it gets serious. Most people just keep dating at the fun level so this is never a problem. Only a few of the more serious ones choose to continue their relationships after the experience is over.

So there you have it, the five types of romancing that occurs on study abroad. Did I get them right? What was your experience?