While browsing Abroad101.com I came across this great article on the 5 Things To Avoid While Studying Abroad. #5 couldn’t be more true.

“5. Smooth- talkin’ Rico Suave
We all know who I’m talking about. You can smell his cologne a mile away, see his greased up hair glistening in the moonlight, and his shirt looks like it lost a few too many buttons in the wash. Yup, this guy. He’s got those sweet-talkin’ lines that would normally make you gag, but the honeymoon essence of being in a new and exciting foreign city has got you blinded! So, lets take a quick trip back to reality, and use our brain, shall we?” -Abroad101.com

I cannot agree with the author more. You’ll hear girls who come back from study abroad say “OMG the guys are soooo creepy!” but really they are talking about THESE guys. Rico Suave types will be at all the “American” hangouts looking to creep on young study abroad students. These guys are not representative of the local population. If you were at your average college bar in America would you say the creepy 30 year old in the corner is representative of all Americans? NO! If you want to meet normal guys, break out of the study abroad bubble and either go to where the locals hang out or join some clubs/activities. In the meantime, stay away from these creepers! They are bad news.