Posted by Jules on December 8, 2011 in Crazy Times Abroad6 comments

Again, I’m kidding but I’m not.

How to Spot an American Girl in Europe

She’s probably wearing ”The Uniform”

The Uniform: Brown or Black Boots, Jeans, 5 Euro Scarf from the Markets, Cross Body Bag, Sunglasses, Leather Jacket.

American girls in Europe tend to adopt this particular look since they think it’ll make them look more Euro. They still look American. Especially when they’re in a pack of girls wearing the exact same thing.

She’s Probably Drinking Wine:

Wine is cheaper than water. No explanation needed on this one.

She’s Probably Texting On Her Smartphone:

OMG I need to send this pic to my BFF immediately.

There’s a creepy old guy in the vicinity.

And He’s Buying Her Shots:

Or he’s buying her roses.

She’s probably dancing up on a ledge/stage/anything you can possible climb up on to.

She’s most likely up to some kind of loud and crazy shenanigans.

She may get slightly sloppy after hours.

So what do you think? Is the stereotype true? Anything to add?