There may be less people who study abroad in Australia than Europe but let’s face it, we all had some similar photos at some point. I myself am clearly guilty in all five of these cliche photos…

5. The beach picture. Bonus points if it was taken to rub it in your friend’s (or frenemie’s) faces that it’s summer in Australia while it’s cold and wintery back home.

4. Posing with one of the adorable beach huts in Brighton Beach, Melbourne

3. The “just hanging out with a kangaroo that I just happened to find and totally isn’t in some form of zoo or wildlife park right now”

2. The Sydney Harbour Bridge- do I really need to say anything else?

1. The koala photo. Every single person who used my program got the same exact photo of them and a koala, can’t get much more cliche (yet totally awesome and adorable, come on it’s a koala) than that!

*Note- I really want to include Uluru on this list! However no one in my group ended up going, none of us could afford it. So if you think it should be on the list, there’s my reasoning as to why it’s not!