The American novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald famously said there were no second acts in American lives. However, this quote couldn’t be further from the truth. Life is filled with new beginnings, second chances and chapters waiting to be explored.

There are numerous reasons people choose to reinvent themselves. For some, the need for change is the result of deferred dreams, postponed ambitions and the unhappiness that comes with putting life’s goals on the back burner for too long. A recent break-up, failed marriage, midlife crisis, career change or even the simple desire to embark on a road less traveled are all examples of the type of life-changing events that can propel someone into a second act.

On the Road

Travel has always been a form of self discovery, reinvention and spiritual renewal. In fact, people have been trekking to the healing waters of the Ganges River in India for eons. Every year pilgrims strap on rucksacks and hike the Camino de Santiago in Spain. College graduates still journey 3,000 miles cross-country, heading west to California as if the state was made of golden dreams and paved with yellow brick roads. While many people return to their native countries after their sojourn, there are others who stay, settle in and begin a new life.

Starting a New Chapter

For travelers looking to put down roots and set up shop in a foreign land, teaching abroad is an ideal option. Here are three reasons the teaching experience is rewarding, revelatory and the sort of thing a person needs in order to start a new chapter in life.

1. The world is your oyster. Immersing yourself in a new culture and meeting new people is what a second act is all about. Whatever fear or trepidation you might have about change is quickly put to rest when you begin to forge new connections.

2. Who’s the teacher, and who’s the pupil? Sure, you might technically be the teacher, but the best part about traveling to a new country is that you’re also a pupil. And just like a pupil, chances are you’re going to be asking a lot of questions. Whether you’re attempting to master the verb tense of a new and difficult language or trying to brush up on the historical details of the architecture, every day you’ll be learning something new.

3. Expand your mind and your interests. Whether you’re learning about French wine or Italian Renaissance art, teaching abroad will give you the opportunity to see, do and explore new things.

Don’t Leave Home Without It

While a travel checklist includes essentials like a passport and working visa, don’t forget to purchase teach abroad insurance. Physician visits, hospitalizations, prescription medications and dental plans are covered. Even a new chapter in life comes complete with the possibility of sickness or an emergency.

From traveling and teaching abroad to pursuing unfulfilled dreams, there are countless second acts in life. There’s a new chapter around every corner, and the best way to open that chapter is to put F. Scott Fitzgerald’s quote on the back burner.

Guest Bio: Maree Kyle is a lifestyle blogger that enjoys traveling and exploring the great outdoors. She also has a big fluffy half-Persian cat named Jelly.