In fact, I wrote the post Why you should stay in an apartment instead of a hostel back in 2011 to convince my readers that apartme are the way to go. Not only are they “nicer” than hostels but they can be just as affordable too. That is why I’m psyched that I discovered the holiday accommodation company ‘Go with Oh‘ which offers beautiful apartment rentals in destinations all across Europe. If you’re traveling to Europe sometime soon and are thinking about staying in a hotel or a hostel, be sure to check out ‘Go with Oh’ first. A spacious apartment may be a better fit for your stay.

Are you planning a trip to Europe in 2013? ‘Go with Oh’ is giving away free accommodation in cities across Europe on their Facebook page. An iPad 2 and an iPhone 5 are also up for grabs so make sure you enter the contest before it closes on December 12, 2012. I’m crossing my fingers that I will win the blogger competition and will get the opportunity to blog from my ‘Go with Oh’ apartment in Venice, Italy.

For those of you that don’t know, Carnevale is a huge winter festival held in Venice, Italy prior to Ash Wednesday. You can think about it like the final party before the restrictions of lent set in. During Carnevale, you’ll see parades, entertainment, music, and parties happening out on the streets. Hardcore festival attendees wear elaborate costumes while mostly everyone else wears masks.

I attended Carnevale in 2010 and had an amazing time! If I won the ‘Go with Oh’ trip, I would most definitely partake in the Carnevale festivities. This includes attending some official Carnevale events including the Moon Masquerade at the Luna Hotel Baglioni on Saturday February 2nd and the Chocolate in Costume at Caffe Lavena in St. Mark’s Square on Tuesday February 5th.

As a dessert lover, I am looking forward to tasting all of  Carnevale’s specialty sweets. First, I’ll have a cup of the delicious and thick Italian hot chocolate. Then, I’ll try some nutella filled Fritelle. Just looking at Food Lover’s Odyssey’s Fritelle photos from Carnevale 2012 is making my mouth water.

And I can’t forget about the meat! Carnevale derives from Carne + vale which literally means “farewell meat.” I’m planning on indulging in some meat filled lasagna and tortelli along with Pizza Sfogliata con Salsiccia e Pancetta and Pasticcio di Maccheroni.

Of course I can’t travel to Italy without my iPad. It is my can’t-leave-home-without-it item. Just kidding, I can’t leave home without my boyfriend and number one travel buddy, Doug. Doug and I are seasoned travelers and due to my travel obsession, we are constantly on the move. In the past six months, we have explored our home state of Coloradoroad tripped through the Midwestwalked the streets of NYCpartied in Vegas, driven all over New England including Boston and Maine, and attended two travel conferences, one in Keystone, Colorado and one in Los Angeles. Although we have flown all over the United States, we have never traveled overseas together. In fact, Doug has never left the country (apart from Canada which doesn’t count, right?) I think taking a trip to Venice together will be the perfect way to break Doug in to the international traveling scene. Plus, I studied abroad in Florence in 2010 so I can speak a little Italian and already know the ropes.

A ‘Go with Oh’ apartment would be the ideal accommodation for our trip to Venice. I’m sure the hotels and hostels will be crammed with Carnevale party-goers. A nice, quiet apartment will be the perfect place for us to recharge after a long day of  eating pastries, drinking vino, and sightseeing in costume. The perfect souvenir photo of our adventure will be us taking a nap in costume in our beautiful ‘Go with Oh’ apartment. I’m kidding, although I’m sure the nap will happen since we plan to go all out while in Venice. The perfect souvenir photo will be of Doug and I taking a romantic gondola ride through the canals of Venice completely in costume. That picture will represent our perfect and amazing Carnevale vacation courtesy of ‘Go with Oh.’