Choosing to study abroad can actually be cheaper than choosing to study outside of your home state. This is one of the reasons why so many people study abroad. There is also the fact that some foreign institutions are better at teaching certain disciplines and subjects, and the fact that many foreign institutions have a good education record.

Consider your scholarship

There are literally hundreds of them that you can apply for, and some of the easiest to attain are ones that are in “less desirable” countries and have less severe admission requirements than institutions in America. If you consider learning over there then you are more likely to get the scholarship. There are also incentive program where larger institutions and government departments will give you a scholarship for getting your education in countries they would like a cultural exchange with, for example German students are allowed to study in Japan for that reason.

Your Ambitions

What you want should rank above all else, but sometimes to get what you want, you will have to make a few sacrifices. For example if you want to be a highly paid biomedical scientist then you will probably need to study at a prestigious British university, which will be very expensive. If you want to gain enough credits to be a vet then you may have to study at a college in India for a year or two.

How long should you study abroad

This is always a difficult decision, but the best advice is to assume you are going to study for the shortest period (normally 8-12 months), but to plan to study there for the long term (2-3 years). This is because many students get over to another country and fit in so well that they wish to finish their qualification there. If at least make penciled plans for this eventuality (money, board, permissions, etc) then you will leave yourself the option of staying abroad during your education.

Choosing the right institution

This is not as difficult as it may seem. The colleges and universities of the world all have their specialties. Many of them are good at teaching students a number of qualifications, but you will find that each university has 2-3 things that they are renowned for. Such as how Harvard is good at teaching people business related subjects (and teaching people how to become presidents it would seem), and such as Princeton which is renowned for public relations and applied sciences. You will easily find the best institutions for your particular degree.

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