10 people you don’t want to sit next to on a plane

1. Chatty Kathy

Known to corner some poor man or woman into a conversation and just won’t stop talking..for the entire flight. The other person in the conversation clearly wants to escape but can’t because of seat assignment.

2. Babies

I know, I know, mothers have a right to bring their babies on the plane..but that doesn’t mean I want to be anywhere near them while they are exercising that right. I had a baby scream so loudly on a plane one time that my ears physically hurt.

3. Obese Persons

Again, another politically incorrect statement but we all know how uncomfortable it is when the person next to you is too large for their seat. Their embarrassed and uncomfortable, your embarrassed and uncomfortable, and you have absolutely no chance of getting the armrest.

4. Sick People

Coughing, sneezing, sweating, hacking up a lung anywhere near me and I can’t escape = gross.

5. Recliners

Nothing worse than having your already tiny leg room halved by a deep recliner sitting in front of you. They don’t care that your laptop is practically cutting into your lap and that your knees are at your stomach.

6. People with bag issues

Whether their bag is too big for the overhead or they have five bags, people with bag issues are always taking up your space and causing a ruckus with the flight attendants.

7. Eager Beavers

You know those people, the ones that stand up as soon as the plane lands even though no one will deplane for another 15 minutes. Annoying.

8. Kids with toys

Kids on planes are usually behaved but every once in a while you get a parent who lets his kid use a loud, noisy toy that disturbs other passengers. I don’t get it. Why would everyone want to listen to Mario on steroids the entire flight?

9. Lovers

It’s just a little bit uncomfortable when there is groping going on in the seat next to you. Just saying.

10. Weird Smells

Stink feet, stinky pets, stinky armpits, I don’t care just get me away from that smell.