How Study Abroad Helped Me Land My Dream Job

colorado landscape

In How Study Abroad Can Get You A Job, I discussed how study abroad can give you a huge advantage in the job market. Not only does having study abroad on your resume make for a more comfortable job interview (who wouldn’t want to talk about their study abroad experience?!) but it also demonstrates maturity, intellectual curiosity, understanding [...]


Franklin & Marshall in Italy?

franklin and Marshall

Why are there so many kids from Franklin & Marshall college in Italy? Every corner you turn you see yet another student wearing a Franklin & Marshall sweatshirt. At least, that’s what I thought at first until I realized that these people were Italians. Apparently, two Italians fell in love with the small Pennsylvania liberal arts [...]


Transfer your study abroad blog to

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Hey All, Students Gone Global has finally launched! I recommend creating your study abroad blog on their platform so you can join a network of other study abroad students. (And the interface is cool). Check it out at


5 Most Cliche Study Abroad Pictures

or for the immature..

Is it just me or is it that everyone on study abroad has the same pictures? See below for the five most cliche study abroad pictures. #5. OMG I’m in front of the Lennon Wall, Prague #4. #3. #2. #1.   Which study abroad photos do you feel are overdone? Comment below or paste a [...]


How To Make A Study Abroad Blog

Studying Abroad in Florence

How to Make a Study Abroad Blog (That More People Than Your Mom Will Read) It’s All About the Pics.  People like blogs with pictures, fact. Try to add in funny/interesting ones besides the usual “here is a picture of me standing in front of some historic landmark” shot. Consider mixing it up with other [...]