Study Abroad Guide to Florence: Dining and Attractions

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  Restaurants:   CafĂ© Coquinarius, 15 Via Dell Oche: -Right in the center of Florence, about 2 minutes away from the Duomo. You have to call ahead of time and make reservations because it is a small place and is pretty popular but the food is great. Their pear and cheese raviolis were my favorite. Acqua [...]


A Rough Guide to Madrid: From One Sorority Sister to Another

Guide to Madrid study abroad

Do you have a rough guide to a study abroad destination that a friend sent you? Email it to to share with our readers.     OH HI LITTLE, I wanted to email you some things about Madrid. Hopefully some of these things are useful for you. I hope you’re getting excited!!!   Tips [...]


Travel like Study Abroad in the Real World

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How Young Professionals can travel in the Real World Want to keep traveling like you’re on study abroad? The new travel and fitness blog for young professionals, Life Smack TV, can give you all the tips on how to travel the world for free. From signing up for rewards credit cards to taking advantage of hotel [...]


5 ways to protect your identity on study abroad

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Guest Post by Meghan Keane: Meghan received her degree in international communication and now studies abroad any chance she gets. Most recently, she visited Tokyo. Studying abroad is supposed to be a fun and culturally enlightening time for students. It is a time when a student can explore a new land and learn about people they [...]


How Study Abroad Helped Me Land My Dream Job

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In How Study Abroad Can Get You A Job, I discussed how study abroad can give you a huge advantage in the job market. Not only does having study abroad on your resume make for a more comfortable job interview (who wouldn’t want to talk about their study abroad experience?!) but it also demonstrates maturity, intellectual curiosity, understanding [...]