How Study Abroad Helped Me Land My Dream Job

colorado landscape

In How Study Abroad Can Get You A Job, I discussed how study abroad can give you a huge advantage in the job market. Not only does having study abroad on your resume make for a more comfortable job interview (who wouldn’t want to talk about their study abroad experience?!) but it also demonstrates maturity, intellectual curiosity, understanding [...]


TBEX Day 2

Expedia shindig at TBEX 2012

Day 2 of TBEX (Travel Blogging Exchange) at Keystone Resorts started off with keynote speaker CC Chapman, author of “Amazing Things Happen When Your Content Rules.”  His biggest rules for content were as follows. The rest of the day we attended lectures such as “Monetize Like You Mean It” and “Creating a Social Media Strategy.” [...]


TBEX Day 1


I arrived in Keystone, Colorado last night for TBEX, the #1 travel blogging conference in the world. TBEX brings together around 800 travel bloggers and industry professionals who all share a common passion for travel. We attend lectures on blogging, social media, search engine optimization all while networking with other people who are in the industry. TBEX [...]