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Hey All, Students Gone Global has finally launched! I recommend creating your study abroad blog on their platform so you can join a network of other study abroad students. (And the interface is cool). Check it out at


Study Abroad Students: Send Money With Facebook and Paypal!

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You might want your parents to get Facebook after all.. Facebook launched a new app this week that lets users send money through PayPal. Instead of mailing a birthday card to a friend you can now post a $20 dollar bill to their Facebook wall. Cool. The only catch is that Paypal charges a 2.9%fee on the transfer, [...]


Study Abroad Travel- put it on myTab!

By: Heddi Cundle Happy Thursday! Tomorrow’s Friday which means the weekend is getting closer. If you notice, this pattern happens every Thursday…amazing! Did you know 300k Americans study abroad each year? You’re all flying to Hong Kong, London, Rio, Madrid and more. Quick question: have you thought about the travel costs? Parents & students – this [...]