Radisson Big Night Giveaway

Stay at this €220/night hotel for only $70!!

All of you going abroad in the Fall, read this to learn how you can avoid sketchy hostels and stay in nice hotels for free! As I mentioned in my last post, Club Carlson (which owns Radisson, Country Inn & Suites, and Park Inn) currently has a promotion where you can earn 50,000 points for a one [...]


Frequent Flyer Programs and Study Abroad

Barcelona study abroad

Two years out of study abroad I’m asking myself why I never signed up for frequent flyer programs. I flew more in those four months of study abroad than I have in my entire life. It makes no sense. Now, I’m obsessed with frequent flyer points and have recently learned some tricks to accumulate some [...]


Saving Money For Study Abroad


We already discussed 10 Ways to Save Money on Study Abroad but what about saving money BEFORE you study abroad? The following tips should give you an idea of what you could be doing in the six months to a year before you leave. 1. Buy things there, not before. You may think you need to hit [...]


Groupon, Coupons, and Daily Deals on Study Abroad

  Just because you’re studying abroad doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of daily deals. Websites such as Groupon have spread internationally and may be available in your host country. Save money and get a list of cool new places for you and your friends to try out.  Mi piace!  


10 Ways To Save Money On Study Abroad

Ask locals where to find the best deals. They will probably tell you to avoid the expensive touristy restaurants and direct you to places with better quality and prices. Avoid huge cell phone bills! Research data plans and use Skype and other iPhone apps. Purchase things in the native language if you know it and [...]