4 Ways to Stay Safe When Studying Overseas

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Tips for traveling: 4 ways to stay safe when studying overseas The opportunity to travel abroad as a high school or college student – whether to volunteer, to study or simply to see the world – is a great experience for shaping a student’s character and awareness early in life. But what if parents don’t have [...]


5 ways to protect your identity on study abroad

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Guest Post by Meghan Keane: Meghan received her degree in international communication and now studies abroad any chance she gets. Most recently, she visited Tokyo. Studying abroad is supposed to be a fun and culturally enlightening time for students. It is a time when a student can explore a new land and learn about people they [...]


Students arrested on study abroad

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“The United States plants nearly 300,000 diplomatic land mines around the world each year and the number is increasing. Officially they are known as SACS: Study abroad college students. Most of them are well-behaved and unlikely to trigger international events or fuel diplomatic firestorms. They learn a few things about the world, have a good [...]


Avoid These Guys on Study Abroad

While browsing Abroad101.com I came across this great article on the 5 Things To Avoid While Studying Abroad. #5 couldn’t be more true.   “5. Smooth- talkin’ Rico Suave We all know who I’m talking about. You can smell his cologne a mile away, see his greased up hair glistening in the moonlight, and his shirt [...]


Your Parents & Study Abroad Worries

  Save your Mom some stress! Before You Go Help them with the application & visa process. In the past your parents may have handled your college bills, financial aid, etc. Do as much as you can for them and eliminate some of their stress and worry. Don’t go shopping crazy. As much as it’s [...]