How to survive the long plane ride to wherever you are traveling to.

study abroad plane

Chances are you’re pretty stoked to get to wherever you may be studying abroad, but you’re probably dreading the flight over.If you’re anything like me, you can’t sit still for long and the idea of being in a plane for a long time is almost enough to make you not study abroad. Turns out the [...]


Is Ryanair For Real With This Cabin Crew Calendar?!

Just when you thought Ryanair couldn’t get any more ridiculous (selling lottery tickets and smokeless cigarettes on the flight, unbelievably cheap prices, free-for-all seating methods, encouraging passengers to use cell phones during the flight) ..they come out with this! A Cabin Crew Calendar? Seriously?! I guess its for charity..    


Carry On Bags – What You Need To Know

Before you go abroad you should think about what you are bringing as your carry-on bag. For weekend trips, it makes no sense to check your luggage since a) none of your friends will want to wait for you at baggage claim b) it could get lost and c) you don’t need it. Per Ryanair’s [...]


7 Tips For Flying Ryanair

  You’ve heard about the discount airline Ryanair that offers fares as low as 15 euros each way. Below are 7 ways to best take advantage of the airline. Book Early especially for popular destinations such as Paris and London. Fly at Unpopular times. Don’t be afraid to book that 5am flight. Realize that you could [...]