Zuckerberg doesnt tip waiter

Facebook Tip

On their honeymoon in Rome, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan caused a stir when they neglected to tip their waiter on a 32 euro bill. As many of you study abroad students know, tipping is not customary in Europe since the tip or coperto is often included in the bill. What do [...]


Groupon, Coupons, and Daily Deals on Study Abroad

  Just because you’re studying abroad doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of daily deals. Websites such as Groupon have spread internationally and may be available in your host country. Save money and get a list of cool new places for you and your friends to try out.  Mi piace!  


Secret Bakeries-Best Late Night Ever!

  It’s 3am and you just got back to your dorm from a party. What do you and your friends do? Order late night. Pizza, wings, calzones, whatever your sloppy drunk hearts desire.   Now picture this: Its 3am and your walking (stumbling) through the beautiful streets of Florence after leaving the discoteca. What do [...]


Eating McDonalds On Study Abroad

When I envisioned what I would eat during study abroad in Florence, I imagined delicious pizzas, delectable pasta dishes, and lots of wine.  I definitely did not picture weekly McDonald’s trips that included french fries, cheeseburgers, and milkshakes (btw you have to try the McD’s shakes abroad-so good!). Ever since watching Super Size Me in high school [...]


Best Pizza in Florence? Il Pizzaiuolo

  Just a short walk from Santa Croce is Il Pizzaiuolo, a pizza parlor that specializes in Naples-style wood oven baked pizza. Made of deliciously soft dough and with a high-border cornicione, (which I just learned today means the puffy outer ring of crust), this pizza is unbelievable and affordable! Bring your friends before or after [...]