I want to ‘Go with Oh’ to Venice

Venice Carnevale mask

When I travel in Europe, I stay in apartments. In fact, I wrote the post Why you should stay in an apartment instead of a hostel back in 2011 to convince my readers that apartments are the way to go. Not only are they “nicer” than hostels but they can be just as affordable too. That is [...]


Study Abroad Guide to Florence: Dining and Attractions

study abroad florence

  Restaurants:   CafĂ© Coquinarius, 15 Via Dell Oche: -Right in the center of Florence, about 2 minutes away from the Duomo. You have to call ahead of time and make reservations because it is a small place and is pretty popular but the food is great. Their pear and cheese raviolis were my favorite. Acqua [...]


Zuckerberg doesnt tip waiter

Facebook Tip

On their honeymoon in Rome, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan caused a stir when they neglected to tip their waiter on a 32 euro bill. As many of you study abroad students know, tipping is not customary in Europe since the tip or coperto is often included in the bill. What do [...]


Franklin & Marshall in Italy?

franklin and Marshall

Why are there so many kids from Franklin & Marshall college in Italy? Every corner you turn you see yet another student wearing a Franklin & Marshall sweatshirt. At least, that’s what I thought at first until I realized that these people were Italians. Apparently, two Italians fell in love with the small Pennsylvania liberal arts [...]


American Girls in Europe

girls wear on study abroad in europe

Again, I’m kidding but I’m not. How to Spot an American Girl in Europe   She’s probably wearing ”The Uniform” The Uniform: Brown or Black Boots, Jeans, 5 Euro Scarf from the Markets, Cross Body Bag, Sunglasses, Leather Jacket. American girls in Europe tend to adopt this particular look since they think it’ll make them look more [...]