Make your study abroad long distance relationship work


Study abroad and long distance relationships; Love across time zones I wrote in a previous post about relationships on study abroad but today I found this entry on the travel blogging website, Students Gone Global. “How to keep a guy (or girl) across 10 time zones.” Here is a little snippet but I definitely recommend you [...]


Calling all study abroad studs and cuties!

Does a study abroad cutie sit next to you in class? Wait, do you even go to class?

Do you know a study abroad campus cutie that you would like us to feature on the site? Send a tweet or DM to @LoveStudyAbroad or email with the name of the cutie and link to their Facebook page. All submissions will be ANONYMOUS and we will get permission of the cutie before posting. See’s [...]


Whats your foreign make out count?

Get it girl!!

Get it girl!! You can’t write an American Girl in Europe blog post without talking about FMOs, or foreign make outs, the #1 stereotypically American thing to do in a European club or discoteca. You’ll usually see an American girl in the center of the dance floor surrounded by a circle of foreign men and she’s [...]


Dating and Study Abroad


I bet you can hear the romantic music now, having a Lady and the Tramp moment sharing a plate of spaghetti with the beau you found while abroad. I think that one thing that all single study abroad students have in common is that we want a taste of the locals (that’s what she said). [...]


Avoid These Guys on Study Abroad

While browsing I came across this great article on the 5 Things To Avoid While Studying Abroad. #5 couldn’t be more true.   “5. Smooth- talkin’ Rico Suave We all know who I’m talking about. You can smell his cologne a mile away, see his greased up hair glistening in the moonlight, and his shirt [...]