The Five Times I Almost Died on Study Abroad – Part One

Okay, maybe these weren’t quite life or death situations but they were still pretty damn scary.   1.       The Time I Rode an ATV in Santorini, Greece One weekend when I was studying abroad, I visited the beautiful island of Santorini with a friend from college. After seeing tourists buzzing around the island on ATVs, [...]


Strange Encounters on Study Abroad

One strange thing you will notice on study abroad is that in many countries, people are allowed to come inside bars and restaurants and try to sell you things. While out with a group of friends,  you might be approached by men selling flowers, strange light up toys, and other weird items. Although it can be tempting to [...]


You have to rent ATVs in Santorini!!

Nothing is more fun than whipping around Santorini in an ATV. Bring your license and you can rent one for around 20 Euro a day. Take it to the red beach or go drive up along the cliffside to Oia to have dinner and watch the sunset.