Study Abroad Guide to Florence: Dining and Attractions

study abroad florence

  Restaurants:   Café Coquinarius, 15 Via Dell Oche: -Right in the center of Florence, about 2 minutes away from the Duomo. You have to call ahead of time and make reservations because it is a small place and is pretty popular but the food is great. Their pear and cheese raviolis were my favorite. Acqua [...]


Is Studying Abroad Like Being on the Real World?

Real World Florence

The Thought Catalog article “How Studying Abroad Can Feel Like Being on the Real World” got me thinking. Is it true that a semester abroad is like spending a few months in the MTV Real World House?  At first glance, probably, we’re all young, in a new setting, and drinking wayy too much. But are we [...]


American Girls in Europe

girls wear on study abroad in europe

Again, I’m kidding but I’m not. How to Spot an American Girl in Europe   She’s probably wearing ”The Uniform” The Uniform: Brown or Black Boots, Jeans, 5 Euro Scarf from the Markets, Cross Body Bag, Sunglasses, Leather Jacket. American girls in Europe tend to adopt this particular look since they think it’ll make them look more [...]


Notes on European Fashion


Notes on European Fashion: To follow up my post How Not to Dress Like an American on Study Abroad I decided to write about my observations of European fashion. The first thing I noticed on study abroad was that Europeans dressed better than Americans pretty much everyday. No European leaves their house in sweats, ever. Whenever [...]


Love Locks All Over Europe

The Love-Lock craze has taken romantic graffiti to a new level. Bridges all over Europe are affixed with these permanent trophies of love.  You seriously cannot go anywhere near a bridge without seeing hundreds of these love-locks and some serious PDA.