Franklin & Marshall in Italy?

franklin and Marshall

Why are there so many kids from Franklin & Marshall college in Italy? Every corner you turn you see yet another student wearing a Franklin & Marshall sweatshirt. At least, that’s what I thought at first until I realized that these people were Italians. Apparently, two Italians fell in love with the small Pennsylvania liberal arts [...]


American Girls in Europe

girls wear on study abroad in europe

Again, I’m kidding but I’m not. How to Spot an American Girl in Europe   She’s probably wearing ”The Uniform” The Uniform: Brown or Black Boots, Jeans, 5 Euro Scarf from the Markets, Cross Body Bag, Sunglasses, Leather Jacket. American girls in Europe tend to adopt this particular look since they think it’ll make them look more [...]


Your Hair and Study Abroad

study abroad haircut

If you’re going abroad next semester you’re probably asking yourself “What should I pack?” You may be wondering if you should pack your hair dryer/hair straightener/hair curler/etc. The answer is NO. Most likely, your hair styling tools and appliances will not work or will break if you try to use them abroad. For those of [...]


Notes on European Fashion


Notes on European Fashion: To follow up my post How Not to Dress Like an American on Study Abroad I decided to write about my observations of European fashion. The first thing I noticed on study abroad was that Europeans dressed better than Americans pretty much everyday. No European leaves their house in sweats, ever. Whenever [...]


How to Not Dress Like An American on Study Abroad

Well, let’s face it. Europe has a whole different dress code than the U.S. I like going to class in my college sweatshirt and jeans just as much as the next kid-okay,okay, sweatshirt AND sweatpants many days- but that look just doesn’t fly in Europe. You’ll stick out like a fish out of water AKA an American. [...]