Why You Shouldn’t Discredit Studying Abroad in an English Speaking Country

Kelly in Europe

  Often times when I tell people that I studied abroad in Australia I get snarky reactions such as “They speak English, isn’t that a cop out?” or “it’s not really studying abroad because they speak English”. Woah there. While I know the opportunity to learn a new language is a huge aspect of study [...]


5 Things You Should Probably Know About Australia Before You Go

USA vs Australia

If you’re preparing to head off to Australia next semester, you probably have a pretty set idea of what it will be like. However when I went there for a semester I was shocked to learned that it was quite different from how I thought things would be. Here are five things that you probably [...]


Hillary Clinton Says Study Abroad is “Critical”


   httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYfnjYp933M&feature=player_embedded Highlights from CNN’s Blog: “A study-abroad program, whether it’s a short term or a long-term program, is CRITICAL, particularly in the ever-globalizing world that we live in.It’s not just about being worldly, it’s about being competitive. I don’t think we can continue to be competitive if we’re not getting out there.” Aka China and India  [...]


Top 25 Study Abroad Destinations

Thinking about going abroad but not sure where to go? Check out the top 25 study abroad destinations according to the IIE.   UK—31,000+ students/year Italy—27,000+ students/year Spain—24,000+ students/year France—16,900+ students/year China—13,500+ students/year Australia—11,000+ students/year Germany—8,300+ students/year Mexico—7,000+ students/year Ireland—6,800+ students/year Costa Rica—6,300+ students/year Japan—5,700+ students/year Argentina—4,700+ students/year South Africa—4,000+ students/year Czech Republic—3,500+ students/year Greece—3,500+ students/year [...]