Avoid These Guys on Study Abroad

While browsing Abroad101.com I came across this great article on the 5 Things To Avoid While Studying Abroad. #5 couldn’t be more true.   “5. Smooth- talkin’ Rico Suave We all know who I’m talking about. You can smell his cologne a mile away, see his greased up hair glistening in the moonlight, and his shirt [...]


10 Types of People Youll Meet in Your Program and How to Deal With Them

  1. The Girl Who Won’t Stop Skyping Her Boyfriend This debbie downer can put a serious damper on your fun time, especially if she is your roommate. Get used to their late night conversations, baby talk, and a little whining. Try to be supportive and always invite her out to dinner with the group. [...]


The Making of “Vlad Barcelona”

When Vlad Antohi came to Barcelona to study abroad in the Spring of 2009 he never imagined he would be hanging out in the same crowds as Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Beyonce, and Jay-Z. He launched his own promotions company, was a club promoter at one of Barcelona’s hottest nightclubs, and became “Vlad Barcelona,” a [...]