7 Reasons You Should Let Go & Let Your Children Study Abroad

let your children study abroad

At one time, there was one of two means for a young person to experience a new culture abroad. He could either join the military or win a scholarship to an overseas university. Neither opportunity guaranteed that the experience would be safe or particularly meaningful. Results were mixed. Times, however, have changed. Today, not only [...]


Study Abroad Guide to Florence: Dining and Attractions

study abroad florence

  Restaurants:   CafĂ© Coquinarius, 15 Via Dell Oche: -Right in the center of Florence, about 2 minutes away from the Duomo. You have to call ahead of time and make reservations because it is a small place and is pretty popular but the food is great. Their pear and cheese raviolis were my favorite. Acqua [...]


A Rough Guide to Madrid: From One Sorority Sister to Another

Guide to Madrid study abroad

Do you have a rough guide to a study abroad destination that a friend sent you? Email it to ilovestudyabroad@gmail.com to share with our readers.     OH HI LITTLE, I wanted to email you some things about Madrid. Hopefully some of these things are useful for you. I hope you’re getting excited!!!   Tips [...]


A Collection of Study Abroad Memes

study abroad meme olympic

Check out http://www.facebook.com/studyabroadmemes for more study abroad memes!         Thank you to http://www.facebook.com/studyabroadmemes!


Study and volunteer abroad in your gap year


Study and volunteer abroad in your gap year   ARTICLE SUMMARY A gap year is the ideal opportunity to gain some experience of the working world, whatever you plan on doing as a career in the future. Whether you have a passion for teaching, helping and caring for people, or assisting with animals, there are [...]